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Are you STILL stuck?  Have you done EVERYTHING you can THINK of to motivate yourself to make your life better and better?  And you STILL haven't figured out a way to get all that you want? all that you DESIRE?

Hi, this is Scotty again, and I have some very important information to share with you about my cutting edge creation:


You have probably heard of "The Power of Positive Thinking"?  A lot of people have written about positive thinking and things like "Daily Positive Affirmations".  I've used these positive affirmations before.  Perhaps you have used them, too?  While they can do some good, I have found that they can get a little boring after awhile.  So I would stop doing them.  And when a person stops saying their daily affirmations, then the positive thoughts stop helping them!

So it occurred to me that something might be missing.

Power Dares are SO much better than daily affirmations!  They dig deep down into your psyche.  They reach down into your solar plexus, the seat of your subconcious mind.

An entire book could be written about DAILY POWER DARES.  However, an entire book isn't necessary.  Instead of wrapping this idea with thousands of words and an eye-catching cover just so I can sell you an expensive book, I decided to clearly describe this idea in just a few words!


Inside these few short phrases, you will finally get to know the great and golden secret that will empower you toward a richer, fuller life of happiness and wealth.  Let's get the secret out to people! 

Let me tell you what Daily Power Dares are NOT.  They are NOT telling yourself, "I dare myself to do this," or "I dare myself to do that."  You might not be shocked when you find out what Daily Dares really are.  However, you will be astounded by the empowering effect they will have on your life!  My Daily Power Dares will guide you to gain more power over yourself.  And they can definitely make your life better and better.  So use them!  Use them in good health! DARE Yourself!

Anybody who's ever taken a basic course in selling has been taught one of the most important tactics in sales. This is focused in the following thought...

"The person who asks the questions is IN CONTROL."

This is how a good salesperson will "steer" you toward buying her or his product or service. He or she will ask you questions. If you ask her a question and she knows the answer, then she'll answer you and ask you another question. If he doesn't know the answer to your question, then he'll "brush it off" in some way and then ask you another question. A salesperson MUST ask questions and gain/regain control in order to make the sale.

You see, asking questions isn't just a great sales technique. Asking questions is a way of taking or regaining control in any part of your life. So instead of still or slow-motion positive thoughts that are sentences ending in periods or exclamation points, I reword the positive ideas so they become moving and dynamic questions to myself.

It's a good way to "sell" yourself on the positive idea. A favorite positive daily affirmation goes...


This is indeed a great one! It has raised me out of the depths of despair and depression. This affirmation started long ago in the 19th century. Émile Coué, a self-taught psychologist, invented this sentence. And it becomes even more powerful when I make it a DPR (Daily Power Reformation) like this...


Here is another that gives me more focus and self-control...


You can insert a loved one's name or anything you want to devote yourself to. It can be a hobby, or your life's work, anything you want to spend more of your time on.

Here's the thing... people use Daily Positive Affirmations to make their lives better in some way--Better and Better. And these daily sayings will become more powerful when you transform them into questions. The questions you create will work much faster and more effectively for you than the usual Daily Affirmations. You will use these questions to take control of your life, of your happiness!

So take all the positive thoughts you know and love, and make them moving, make them dynamic. Turn them into questions that will help you master the three needs of self-control... being decisive, confident and fearless. And then everything else you desire must follow.

You can become the person you want to be. You can make your life better and better. Here are some DPR's that I use every day. You are welcome to use them, and you are perfectly capable of designing more of your own...

Do I like myself, and do I love to write? Y E S !

Do I love and care for my body more and more each day? Y E S !

Can I Listen more and more carefully to my body and know what is perfect for me in each moment? Y E S !

Does Good Fortune seek me out and always help me and improve my life and surroundings? Y E S !

Notice that as you ask yourself questions like this, you can also give yourself the answers. Your dynamic Daily Power Reformations don't always have to have a "yes or no" answer either, as in...

How many times do I have to forgive myself before I succeed?! AS MANY AS IT TAKES !

To go along with that last one, here are some things I say to my "inner self" every single day...

Inner Self? Are you listening? I'm sorry. Forgive me. Thank you. And I love you!

It's important that you don't just think these words and reformations. Say them out loud. They will have greater impact if you hear these words coming from your own lips. These four ideas to your inner self, an apology, asking forgiveness, gratitude and love, are the four tools that many great teachers have given us to UNBLOCK our minds. They are the answer to why people can't always make these positive ideas work for them. Tell yourself these four ideas each and every day, often, and sincerely with passion. Because with these ideas you will unlock the true and awesome potential power within your own mind! We all have great power, especially over ourselves. Now you know how to tap this power, how to strengthen your self-control and make your life better and better.

Just to help you get started, here's a link to my own personal DPR web page...

My Personal Daily Power Reformations

These Daily Power Reformations will help you gain control and power over yourself. And they can definitely make your life better and better. So use them! Use them in good health.

Thank you very much for listening, and I wish the best of everything to you and yours!

Scott Ley

PS.  DARE to be RARE !

Apply the Secret for the betterment of yourself !
When you better yourself, you better the world !


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