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by Scott Ley
scotty at secretsgolden dot com

Hi, my name is Scotty, and I have some very important information to share with you about Napoleon Hill's Million-Dollar Golden Secret:


By 'net-surfing here today, you could become the next winner of Hill's great secret from his classic work, THINK AND GROW RICH. At the start of his book, Hill described how he was careful not to actually come right out with his secret. He told the reader that he was very careful to hide the secret and to include it at least once in each and every chapter of THINK AND GROW RICH.


If you haven't read this book, you truly should. You can find it all over the web for free, and it is definitely worth the short time it will take you to read it. When you do, you might not yet be ready for his secret of success. If this is the case, as it was for me and millions of other readers, and you would still like to know exactly what Hill meant, then don't be concerned. For I have finally figured out what Hill's huge Golden Secret to success actually is.

Others will tell you that they know the secret. I have read their books and ebooks that might cost you anywhere from $2.00 to $27.95. And I found that they really don't have a clue about Hill's secret. They THINK they know the secret, but they aren't even close to the solution of this great puzzle. It really doesn't take an entire book to find out what Hill's secret is. I won't do what others have done and encircle the big secret by so many words and phrases just to sell an expensive book. It doesn't take all that to tell you what Hill's secret is.

First and foremost, let me forewarn you. This secret is a little-known fact about ALL of us, yes, about each and every person on this planet! The secret is so powerful, that many people, at first, actually go into DENIAL about it. They'll read this and then say to themselves, "OH NO -- NOT ME! NONE OF THIS CAN POSSIBLY APPLY TO ME!" You've heard it said that...

    ForeWARNED is ForeARMED

Instead of going into denial, accept the truth about this secret. When you do, then you will be on the up-escalator to YOUR SUCCESS!

    And now, without any further ado...

Here it is my friend - here is the secret to your success as written about by Napoleon Hill in his classic book, THINK AND GROW RICH. In this short, little writing you will finally know beyond any shadow of doubt precisely what Hill meant when he wrote that his secret could be found in every chapter of his book. You'll finally realize clearly and exactly what the secret to your success actually is.

What will you do with it? Will you apply it? Will you use it? Will you DENY it? For most people, the reason they do not recognize Hill's secret even when they read his book more than once (like I did) is because, as Hill said, they're just not ready for it. What does that mean? "Not ready for it"? It just means that even if you THINK you're ready, you just might NOT be ready. This is why you haven't yet attained the level of success you desire. Because no matter how ready you think you are, you just might not be ready after all.

So Hill's big, awesome secret, his puzzling words and thoughts that he spreads throughout his great book peppering our minds with ideas of DESIRE, PERSISTENCE and the like, his secret pertains to nothing more than our BEING READY. And here's why you might not be ready...



This is a little two-letter word we have all grown to HATE WITH A TRUE VENGEANCE. We HATE this word. We FEAR this little word, and we fear the REJECTION that comes along with it! But OH! my friend! This is FAR, FAR MORE than just the simple "fear of rejection". The NOes in us are deeply embedded.

Whenever we hear this word, "NO", it effectively STOPS us. It's the big, huge RED LIGHT of our experience of life. Others might tell you that the reason you are not "up there on the mountaintop" yet is because you are "blocked" in some way. Napoleon Hill tells us there is really and truly only one thing in our way, only one "blockage". Now, you KNOW what that blockage is. What will you do with this? Haven't you always secretly known? I mean deep down, somewhere underneath all those masks we wear, haven't we always suspected that the really insurmountable problem is the fact that we...

    "can't take NO for an answer"?

"YOU CAN'T TAKE  N O  FOR AN ANSWER!" This usually means something entirely different. It usually refers to somebody (perhaps people in the SALES industry?) who just can't or won't take NO for an answer when they try to sell us something. I'm here to tell you that, quickly and very briefly, THIS is the root of Napoleon Hill's great secret to wealth and riches. And you don't even have to learn how to do it. We all hate hearing "NO" so much, that it is actually almost a deep instinct within us not to take NO for an answer. So what's the problem?

The problem, of course, is the fact that we HATE the whole idea of

    N O

...SO much, that we shy away from it when others say "NO!" to us. We tend to "cave", as some have put it. Now, you probably might just think that I'm talking about "SALES" and marketing and such when I say this. And right now you might just be saying to yourself, "He is talking about me becoming some kind of salesman. Yuck! Sales! That's just NOT what I want to do with my life. I don't want to become something or somebody I hate, despise, loathe, cannot stand, absolutely will not tolerate! No! Not ME!" So the very fact that we are ALL salesmen, we are ALL selling something almost every single day of our lives, is an important fact that you might not be sensing.

Do you sell a product? Do you sell your services? Ever ask for a raise? Have you ever tried to persuade someone toward or away from some political course or party? Have you perhaps promoted your own religious ideal? Maybe you've been on a date with someone you like and tried to make them realize how the next few hours with you would be filled with romance? even ecstasy? or that a lifetime with you would be filled with happiness? Sell, sell, sell.

It's what we do - it's what we ALL do - almost every single day of our lives. Even when we're just listening to a salesperson make their pitch, we're looking for ways to SELL the fact that we're just not interested. We are, all of us, always selling something.

And we can't take NO for an answer! That's the secret! Will you take this knowledge and DO something with it? I hope so, I truly hope so. Learn to love each and every "NO". Why? Because if you shy away from and never go after all those "NOes", you will NEVER get any "YESes"! It's a numbers game, and you can't beat those numbers, so DON'T LET THE NUMBERS BEAT YOU! Learn to love that word, NO. Learn to love the concept of NO.

Learn to love the whole idea of NO. LEARN to LOVE NO.

When you get over this secret blockage, the blockage that started building within you from the very first time you were told "NO!", way back before your conscious memory was around to help you deal with it, way back before you learned to walk, maybe even before you learned to crawl, when you have finally conquered this

    NO NO NO

part of the inner workings of "yourself", and you start making the BIG BUCKS, then please remember who reminded you of all this! ;-)


Yours very truly,
Scott Ley

PS. Hopefully by now you can see what I meant when I said this might not be an easy secret for you to hear. Just when you think that you've conquered the NO, that you're on your way to great success, the block might come back deep in your mind, FULL FORCE, and you will "cave". And then you'll look for just about any excuse to fail. Conquer this by saying "YES"! to yourself as many times as you can!

  Y E S  Y E S  Y E S  Y E S  Y E S  Y E S  Y E S  Y E S

When someone rejects your offer, walk, ride or drive away saying the Yes-word over and over in your mind. Every NO leads to a YES! There is, after all, only one real and true blockage to your success, the way in which you handle NO. Be always and ever thankful for each and every NO. Because the more NOes you get, the more YESes and the more dollars you will also receive!

There was once a truly great baseball player, Babe Ruth. He held the record for number of homeruns hit in one season, and he held that record for many, many years. A little known fact about "the Babe" is that he also held the record FOR THE NUMBER OF TIMES HE STRUCK OUT! Now, think of the Babe when you get a "no" from ANYone. So you struck out. And the more strikeouts you get, the more homeruns you hit! That's Napoleon Hill's secret hard at work for you. Love those strikeouts! Love each and every "no". Each no leads to the next YES! And each YES is a homerun!

The REAL secret, the Napoleon Hill Secret, is the one you knew all along. I'm just reminding you of it. The REAL one, the only true SECRET then, is for you to BE READY. Are you ready? If you ARE ready, then ALL the UNIVERSE is YOURS!...


PPS. This is just a little gentle reminder to you that this may not be an easy secret for you to hear. It involves a mental block that we all bring with us from "babyhood". So get set to USE the real secret why wealth and riches have not yet come within your grasp! When you finally begin to use Hill's Golden Secret, that mental block will melt away like ice in boiling water!

So I ask you to be very careful with this secret knowledge. And especially, be extremely aware and careful how you apply this wisdom. You seek and you will receive satisfaction; you will see, however, that this most powerful secret of Napoleon Hill's is a potentially dangerous knowledge if put in the wrong hands. I believe with all my heart that the reason you have made it to this place, the reason you have these words in front of you right now, is because you do have the right hands.

You are an amazing being! We are ALL amazing beings. We are much more amazing than we give ourselves credit for. So use Napoleon Hill's Secret in good health! USE the Secret!

Apply the Secret for the betterment of yourself!
When you better yourself, you better the world!

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